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How to check accuracy of kitchen scale?

There are a few ways to check the accuracy of your kitchen scale:

1. Compare the weight of an object on the scale with its weight as estimated by a known weight. For instance, you can use a set of kitchen measuring cups to measure the weight of an object and compare it to the reading on the scale.

Since these sets are usually calibrated, they will yield similar readings. If the reading obtained on the scale is too different from what the set of measuring cups indicates, then this is a sign that your kitchen scale needs recalibration.

2. Use an object of known weight. For instance, you can use a hundred grams stored in a plastic bag to check the accuracy of your scale. Place a hundred grams on the scale and see if it matches. If not, recalibrate your kitchen scale until it gives you accurate readings.

3. Weight an empty container such as a cup or bowl and then fill that object with water or sugar to see if this changes the reading by much. This method is not as accurate as the other two, but it can give you a general idea about how accurate your scale is.

4. Compare the weight of an object on different scales to see if they all register the same reading. If not, then one or more of the scales may be inaccurate and will need recalibration.

The best way to ensure that your kitchen scale is always giving accurate readings is to calibrate it on a regular basis. You can either do this yourself or take the scale to a professional to have it calibrated.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to calibrate your particular scale. Most scales need to be calibrated at least once a year, but some brands may need to be calibrated as often as once a month or more, depending on how heavy the use is.

You can learn a lot more about using kitchen scales and understanding their measurements at Digital Nutrition Scale.

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