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How to test a scale with coins

One way to how to test a scale with coins. This is a quick and easy way to check the accuracy of a scale. You will need a few coins of different denominations, such as a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.

To test the scale, place one coin on the platform and record the weight. Then add more coins and record the total weight. Keep adding coins until the scale tips over. The last coin you add before the scale tips is called the "tare" or "zero" weight.

For example, if a penny weighs two grams, then four pennies would weigh eight grams (2×4=8). Once you have added all of the coins and obtained an accurate reading, subtract your tare weight from your final weight to find out how much each additional coin weighed.

Example: 10g + 20g - 2g = 18g per 4 pennies.

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Why not just stack up a ton of coins?

Well, it's really not a good idea to stack up a ton of coins. Coins are fragile and not designed to be in high-cylinder applications. The following may occur:

The coin edges will round off at the bottom because the coins are held together by their own weight. If you use different denominations, they will add improperly - much like when you add two ounces of pennies to two ounces of dimes, it is equal to four ounces! Some coins have been magnetized from trash cans or magnets. This would cause major problems because our scale operates on the electromagnetic force which can be interfered with very easily.

In addition, this method does not give an accurate reading for 400 oz/lb scales and larger scales. This is because the weight of the coins will cause too much movement on the scale, which will affect the accuracy of the reading. For larger scales, we recommend using calibration weights to test your scale.

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